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Jonathan Segal Chicken


Sure, you know about chicken soup, but do you know about a souped-up chicken? Jonathan Segal Chicken was just another piece of kosher poultry, but he decided he wanted something more. He wanted to fly, and fly he did, on adventures that take him out into the world... and beyond. This classic parody from the 1970s is now available again in this newly redesigned edition

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It's also available as an audiobook, read by Nicci Hejnar!

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The Origin of Sorrow coverTHE ODDFATHER

Mafia Mia!

You'll be swept along by this breathless story of the Provolone Family-its lust and lechery, its diabolical enemies, its heart-stopping gang wars and automobile chases-into a world where betrayal is the order of the day and kinky sex the order of the night.

You'll never forget the members of this illustrious family: Don Guido Provolone, the big cheese himself; Fungi the Fornicator, his eldest son; Carmine the Cretin, his middle son; Nicholas the Sensitive, youngest in the family; and an unbelievable assortment of relatives and hired hands.

Here is an intimate look into the innermost workings of a Mafia menagerie-men of wild appetites and primitive instincts.

Here is the Mafia that the bestselling Godfather legend only hinted at-madness in all its colorful blood and tomato sauce surreality.

If you don't die laughing (or at least chuckle and smile a lot) the two authors promise to help arrange your upcoming funeral.

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The Origin of Sorrow coverTHE EXERCISER


This book has it all: the diets, the devil, witch-craft, religion, and one man's struggle to save his wife from the horrors of her own rapidly in-creasing bulk. Only the most extreme measures will save his beloved wife. Week after week she grows fatter and fatter, without benefit of knife and fork. Who can help her? When all else has failed, he must call in the powerful high priest of physical fitness and sensible eating-Romaine LeLane, The Exerciser!

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The Seas of Quivira coverOH HENRY!


When the President of the United States is kidnapped, only one man can save him... but oh, what a man!

Diplomat. Author. Love machine. Henry Kissingherr was the man of the moment, the one to get things done. When his adopted country needs him, this frumpy, overweight Jew does what only this frumpy, overweight Jew can do, taking on the rebels, the radicals, the special interests, the pornographers, and the killers. He's going to save the day, no matter how many beautiful women he has to seduce to do so!

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by Sol Weinstein

Loxfinger, Matzohball, On the Secret Service of His Majesty, the Queen, and You Only Live Until You Die - a classic quartet of spy parodies from the 1960s which sold over a million copies back then, out of print for decades, but now they're back -- and it's such big news, we've given these books their own website:

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